Am aware of the vast ocean liner bearing-down and the recovering from serious operation quips, but just thought it was worth including this rather more pedestrian evaluation of a home visit from Eliot, made by Helen Sutherland, a mid-twentieth century patron of (modern) art in UK:-

... and who do you think was brought here by my long friends Janet

and Michael Roberts one exquisite Sunday and ate some of my

speciality of white currant jam? Well, TS Eliot. It moved me very

much to meet him. He is beautiful to look at - very clear-cut features

but so sensitively and generously moulded. I was so deeply struck by

his humility and the extent of his humanity I found, felt, or seemed

to do so, what I did not at all expect or count on, an instinctive

sympathy between us - though I was very shy and he is rather silent -

so that I received something most special and lovely from his visit.....'