Still, this is a student and one must encourage such endeavors even though a student's perspective will always be limited by his or her limited experience and understanding.

The Norton Anthology is a standard compilation used in colleges to study periods of literature.  Introductory and basic but if one reads it cover to cover one does get a good dosage of a period's prose and poetry, albeit edited.  Not the best but not a bad starting place.  The ideal of course is that the student wants more after reading a writer and goes forth into the promised land on his or her own.

As I said, encourage such stufents ventures and be compassionate of the young eager for poetry.

Eugene Schlanger 

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Sorry, CR, found this pretty underwhelming - readable style, yes, but rather stating the obvious, and very thin on any review of any Eliot commentary, other than this 'Norton Anthology' (which I've never read.)

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amazing student scholarship

CMC Senior Theses / CMC Student Scholarship / 2012
T.S. Eliot's Anti-Modernism: Poetry and Tradition
in the European Waste Land
John Bedecarré
Claremont McKenna College 

most worthy of scholarly note