Dylan Thomas reads TS Eliot
New Statesman parody

“As we get older, we do not get any younger”
By Philip Maughan
Published 18 December 2012 12:02

After the competition page was hijacked from The Week-End Review, “absorbed”
by the New Statesman in 1933, parodies have a formed a regular feature of
the magazine’s back pages. In 1946, Faber and Faber published an anthology
of the best entries, edited by NS literary editor GW Stonier, with
illustrations by Nicolas Bentley. ...

Perhaps the most notable addition to the anthology is “Chard Whitlow”,
written by the poet, translator and dramatist Henry Reed. The poem is
sur-titled Mr Eliot’s Sunday Evening Postscript, and will be republished in
full next year as part of the New Statesman’s centenary proceedings.
However, to tide you over until then, here, reading with all the stolid
grace of Mr Eliot himself, is Dylan Thomas, who will celebrate an
anniversary of his own next year – having laid in a cemetary in Laugharne,
Carmarthenshire, since 1953.

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   Rick Parker