Sorry, my den is a mess and I can't find my copy of "Poems written in Early
Youth" so I'll reply from memory.  I believe there are two different
versions of that poem. The earlier one dating from Milton or even high
school. I decided to publish only the ones printed in the Advocate as the
copyright for them definitely fell into the public domain.

Note the difference between the two first lines in the two versions:
If Time and Space, as sages say, (The longer one CR sent us too.)
If space and time, as sages say,  (The Advocate version)

For those interested, my webpage "T.S. Eliot: The Harvard Advocate Poems" is
at URL

    Rick Parker

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>Just came upon this Harvard Advocate poem of Eliot at

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Rickard Parker may like to check up on an extra stanza here�
than what obtains at his website.

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