In that case, thank goodness for the idiosyncratics. A well spoken & refreshing witness to the power of TWL. Judging by investigations here and elsewhere, TWL is quite probably a book for quite a few more than one lifetime. In reading again the Curtius piece that Tom C. recently posted, I noticed Curtius' remark that it would likely be a very long time before TWL was adequately understood. Can't argue with that so far...

Ken A

PS Sounds like "idiosyncratics" might be a Greek school of thought, the way that libertarians are a party: "Non-conformists unite!"

On 12/12/2012 12:51 AM, P wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite">I thought it might be interesting to know more about Sally Gardner since she is such a fan of TWL. So one can go to, or read right here:
Sally Gardner is an award-winning novelist from London. Her books have been translated into 22 languages and she’s sold over 2 million copies in the UK. She’s also been called ‘an idiosyncratic genius’ by the Sunday Times.