On 12/3/2012 10:45 PM, Chokh Raj wrote:
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Education was always open, Ken, but this sort of revolution would be unthinkable
without the role played by Internet as a facilitator.

Sure, CR. This forum would be unthinkable without the Net. In that regard I'm quite the enthusiast and duly appreciative of hearing from our listers so widely scattered by geography but also by interest/career/angle of vision. This is new. The Net brings something new to every endeavor it mediates, and that thing is the Net. But there is always something old wrapped up in the new. The next big thing, I think, may look bigger and more fabulous for our not having a deep appreciation of the last big thing. So I want to know more about the character and effects of the current development before swooning in its very presence, etc...At the moment Coursera is a loose collection of schools offering non-credit courses over the Web. What it may become remains to be seen, something fabulous or the same old same old in a fabulous new coat. Stay tuned.

Ken A