Voicing Revolution. 
Formation and Formulation

March 29 & 30, 2013, New Haven, Yale University

Keynote speaker: Martin Puchner (Harvard University)

Description & Call for Papers:

When Occupy Wall Street started gathering momentum in 2011, it appeared that there were no fundamentally programmatic declarations of intention. What has been dubbed the Arab Spring unfolded in a similar way. And yet, many observers agreed that the movements' inclusive force was due precisely to this ‘lack.’ In the face of these altered manifestations of political discontent, we ask: how does revolution enunciate itself? Is there, for instance, a necessary order to the relation between formulated intention and action in revolutionary processes? Are we bound to revisit and maybe revise established understandings of how political change manifests itself in action and voicing?

Political theory, history, philosophy, as well as literature and the arts negotiate these manifestations. It is especially in art and literature that we see a focal point of interest. Art and literature precede, conduct, and reflect upon, radical change and thus, in the relation of theory and practice, seem to assume the position of a double-bound phenomenon. Therefore literature is a prominent place to reflect upon the interplay of action and voicing. Moreover, since art and literature have been used as a means of proffering revolutionary thought and practice in varying forms, we have to examine the implications of these forms for political protest. We are further interested in non-artistic voicings of revolution and their relation to form.

We invite contributions from a wide range of disciplines including literary, media, and performance studies as well as history, political theory, and gender studies.

Please submit a 300-word abstract for a 20-minute paper by January 31, 2013 to Julia Frienen, Marc Petersdorff, Nadine Schwakopf, Martin Wagner at [log in to unmask]

Final papers should be submitted two weeks prior to the conference.

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