CFP: Music and Sound Studies Network of the German Studies Association

German Studies Association Conference
3-6 October 2013, Denver

The Music and Studies Network of the GSA seeks proposals for a four-part series of panels, followed by a roundtable with invited speakers:

1.     Music and Sound Studies: Public
2.     Music and Sound Studies: Private
3.     Music and Sound Studies: Politics
4.     Music and Sound Studies: Consumption

We welcome proposals on any aspect of music or sound studies and Germanic cultures, from any time period, in relation to one of these categories.  Proposals should indicate the panel for which they are applying.  We are particularly interested in scholarship that investigates how musics and/or sounds are determined by, respond to, engage with, and shape the spaces and spheres in which they occur; that which explores the purposes for which music and sound are deployed; and that which studies the processes of experience and consumption.

We construe these categories (Public, Private, Politics, and Consumption) broadly, not prescriptively.  "Public," for example, could include the study of nineteenth-century community bands, the Love Parade, concert programming, or the acoustics of performance spaces; "Private" might refer to salon culture, the philosophy of aurality, the monastic life, or the silence between radio programs; "Politics" could pertain to the function of music/sound as political instrument or a tool of subversion, and is not limited to the realm of high politics; and "Consumption" might involve the analysis of record collection, urban industrial sounds, or television jingles.

A roundtable discussion toward the end of the GSA will feature scholars able to comment on the four panels and larger issues of Music and Sound Studies.

Proposals must identify the desired panel (public, private, politics, or consumption)

Because the GSA has regulations governing the number of graduate students who may appear on any given panel, proposals must include the author's status (graduate student, faculty member, etc)

Presenters must be members of the German Studies Association. Information on membership is available on the GSA website in the Member Services Section<>

Abstracts of 200 words are due to both network coordinators by 15 January 2013
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