Call for Papers
Graduate Student Conference at Columbia University
Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures

Hangover: Epigones and the Mourning After

April 26-27, 2013

Keynote: Jacques Lezra (NYU)

Hangover is an interdisciplinary conference dealing with the elements that 
linger on, for 
better or for worse, in literature, culture, and politics. This conference is 
reactionary--against the present critical discourses of events, of intoxication, of 
revolution, and of genius. All four share a quality (the altered state) and a 
(the present). And yet it is clear that any reflection on the having-been-altered 
will necessarily be made from the perspective of the new status quo. Our 
memory of the 
past is imperfect. While the various currents of thought invoked above have all 
in their 
own ways come to terms with this headache, this conference represents an 
explicit attempt 
to thematize such a limitation.

The hangover as a metaphor/figure/topology seeks to engage the aftereffects of 
various manifestations of rupture and alienation. What would it mean to 
examine a 
post-evental perception? A hungover politics? A reactionary writing? An epigonal 
What are the implications of remainders, refusing to divide into the whole, for 
literary generations and the mutation of genres? Can the hangover serve as a 
lens to 
focus these questions?

By isolating what hangs over from one state into the next, our conference 
the position from which we ask: What was happening?

Topics could include but are certainly not limited to:

Post-war literary generation(s)
Restoration of power
Reinvestment of representation
Theory of the après garde
The Mourning After: Messianic Temporalities
Remembering the 60's
Altered States: Sovereign Hangovers
Representations of hangovers in literature
Event versus historical continuity
Literary remainders

Participants should submit an abstract of around 300 words for a 20-minute 
or address questions to Michael Swellander and Ross Shields at 
[log in to unmask] by 
January 15th, 2012.

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