The GSA Kinship and Family Network is organizing a number of panels on the broad topic of kinship and family for the 2013 Annual Conference of the German Studies Association, to be held on October 3-6 in Denver, Colorado. We invite proposals for individual papers and for complete panels treating the topic of kinship and family in any period or discipline. Transtemporal and transdisciplinary approaches are particularly welcome, as are theoretical investigations. Panels usually consist of three papers, plus a moderator and a respondent -- we can find the latter two, if necessary. We are eager to consider proposals by scholars who are new to the GSA, or by colleagues in disciplines that have been under-represented at previous GSA meetings, but of course also welcome submissions by GSA veterans.

Deadline: February 1st, 2013


Please contact Silke Weineck ([log in to unmask]) or Heidi Schlipphacke ([log in to unmask]).

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