Masculinity and Contemporary German Culture


The conditions of production, reception, and distribution of German-language literature and film have changed drastically over the last few decades. Digital media, transnational cinema, multiculturalism, and the increasing recognition of sexual minorities have challenged not only the hegemony of high cultural elites in the construction of national identity but also male privilege itself, given the authority previously exercised by male authors and filmmakers in the patriarchal context of high cultural production. It is appropriate to ask the question whether such changes have brought about a significant transformation in how hegemonic masculinities are negotiated in the cultural public sphere and how the renegotiation of masculinity affects other categories of identity.

In particular, we are interested in papers that address the following questions:

•        How do transnational cultural productions reflect a rethinking of German, Austrian, or Swiss masculinity?
•        How are the anxieties and fantasies of male authors and filmmakers regarding their status and role in contemporary culture negotiated in their texts?
•        How do heterosexual male authors and directors respond to the challenges to patriarchy represented by gains in women’s status and increasing legal recognition for sexual minorities?
•        How are contemporary literary and cinematic expressions of masculinity imbricated with such aspects of identity as nationality/ethnicity and class?
•        How do particular literary and cinematic genres reinforce or subvert contemporary expressions of masculinity and vice versa?


Please submit a 250 word abstract to both panel organizers: Muriel Cormican ([log in to unmask])  and Gary Schmidt

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