Second Berlin Program Summer Workshop – Call for Contributions

"Germany Looks East"

“Sich orientiren,” wrote Immanuel Kant in a 1786 essay, “heißt in der eigentlichen Bedeutung des Worts: aus einer gegebenen Weltgegend (in deren vier wir den Horizont eintheilen) die übrigen, namentlich den A u f g a n g zu finden.” While Kant proceeds from this “bildliche Vorstellung” to deliver an essayistic account of thought’s rational grasp of truth, the Second Annual Workshop of the Berlin Program for Advanced German and European Studies seeks to explore the geographic and cultural procedures underlying the self-orientation and self-conceptions of German-speaking Europe and German Studies. Focusing on German-speaking Europe’s relation to the East, broadly conceived, the workshop poses such questions as: where, from German perspectives, does “the East” begin? How has German-speaking Europe’s relation to “the East” served historically as a problematic delineation of Germany, of Austria(-Hungary), of Kultur, of civilization, of Europe? What different factors have caused this border to shift over the course of history? How is Germany’s relation to the East discursively framed today amidst the European Union’s eastward expansion? How has this relation been framed across different kinds of political and historical discourses and literary, cinematic and visual media? To what extent are such procedures of geographic and cultural demarcation emblematic of an orientalizing imagination and what are the best ways of challenging such an imagination? In what innovative ways can contemporary German Studies draw on other disciplines to enrich its grasp of these issues? By way of this broad inquiry, the workshop seeks to provide an occasion to bring together scholars of German Studies keen on exchanging their work on these and related topics. 

Location: Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Date: 20-21 June 2013
Application Materials Due:  15 February 2013
Application Materials:  Curriculum vitae and 250-word project description
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Dr. April Eisman | Iowa State University
Karin Goihl | Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin Program
Dr. Thomas Haakenson | Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Dr. Matthew Miller | Colgate University

Matthew D. Miller
Assistant Professor
Department of German / Colgate University / 13 Oak Drive / Hamilton NY 13346
315-228-6181 / 
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