ACTFL/AATG 2013, Orlando, FL, November 22-24

*The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Challenge and Success in Teaching 
German as a Graduate Student*

We invite contributions addressing the role of graduate student 
instructors in the German language, literature, and culture classroom. 
Graduate students of German face unique challenges in their many—and 
sometimes conflicting—roles of instructor/student, student/colleague, 
researcher, teaching assistant, etc.  In addition to negotiating their 
many roles, the pressures of preparing for a highly-competitive job 
market challenge graduate student instructors of German to seek creative 
ways to gain unique teaching experience—especially teaching experience 
beyond the language classroom.

The panel seeks to explore issues that include but are not limited to 
the following topics:

    * How graduate students might integrate their own ideas for the
      curriculum into their classrooms while respecting the parameters
      set by their LPD
    * Creative ways of meaningfully incorporating research into the
      lower-lever language classroom
    * How to effectively teach unfamiliar materials
    * Negotiating the roles of student and instructor
    * Strategies for non-native German speakers to continue pursuing
      their own language learning
    * Relating appropriately to undergraduate students who, outside the
      classroom, might be peers, due to the proximity of their age to
      that of the instructor
    * Finding opportunities to teach advanced and/or topics classes when
      the options seem scarce .

Please submit proposals a 1-page proposal to Bethany Bowen 
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