New Curricular Directions in College German Programs

2013 ACTFL/AATG Convention; November 22-24, 2013; Orlando, Florida

This session will explore ways to think creatively when faced with the
issue of re-envisioning German programs at colleges and universities. Most
of us either already had to restructure their curriculum or will be
required to do so to address the budget shortfalls in higher education. The
panel hopes to bring together up to four presenters who will discuss their
unique and innovative curricular models for German programs at the college
level. Questions that could be addressed in the presentations: Why did the
changes take place? How long did it take to implement them? How did you
measure success of the changes you implemented? How does your curriculum
integrate study abroad, service learning, interdisciplinary considerations,
student retention, community outreach, new technologies, etc? What would
you suggest to colleagues interested in implementing a curriculum similar
to yours?

Please send an abstract of no more than 250 words, along with your contact
information and a bio of 100 words by December 31, 2012 to Sebastian
Heiduschke, Oregon State University, [log in to unmask]

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