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Subj: RE: KC's Burroughs Audubon...why Burroughs?

    --Former president of Burroughs (I don't recall if it was after we became an official chapter of the National Audubon Society.
Incidentally,  the Buroughs Nature Club was the founding presence for most nature study groups in the KC area, nature centers, school outdoor laboratories, and nature programs in various city and county parks in our area, often because of the infliuence of John W. Banghart who was assistant director of recreation for the city,  and he and I worked together until his retirement and move to southern Texas, from when I was a junior in high school and through our founding of Environmental Science resident camps in Swope Park (which closed after 20 years due to lack of tax money to subsidize them), and Lakeside Nature Center (which 30+ years later moved in to a beautiful new facility also in Swope Park and whose members do a great deal of wildlife rehab work for the Missouri side of the metro area).   

Ahhhh…. legacies and memories.  How much we owe to those who taught us what they loved.

Dick Dawson was director of K.C. Municipal Camps when I was a camper there (later staff).  John Banghart was a loved, respected icon.

Dick…well, what can one say about a guy who put a horse-derived road apple among the staff training nature i.d. test items, then stood giggling at people picking it up and studying it ever so closely.

Dick, and I believe Chris' dad, Kelly Hobbs, followed in the footsteps of Albert Shirling in observing and teaching about the birds of Swope Park.

Thanks for sharing the wonder,

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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