I birded an MDC access area called Stones Corner
        late this morning.  I had just pulled up to the sign and
       didn't exit the car yet when a Sharp-shinned Hawk
       flew right in front of me and landed in a tree close by
       for a great view.
       A few minutes later a Barred Owl flushed from another
       tree.  That will make a birder's day!  This access is
       just north of Joplin, Jasper County. 
       Off subject: I was reading about Mountain Bluebirds.
       Their diet on an annual basis is 92 % insects and
       8 % fruits and seeds.  The vegetable mass is no doubt
       more of a per cent during the winter.  Lots of locusts
       still out and about as someone else has also noted. 
       Larry Herbert,  Joplin, MO.  certhia AT att . net.  11-21-12.

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