Despite the dense fog, I decided to make my first trip to Carrington Pits Recreation Area in Callaway Co. this morning. My target was the Red Crossbill.

Within a few minutes, I heard (and technically saw, through the fog) about 8 RED CROSSBILLS. About 30 minutes later I watched a female RED CROSSBILL fly in circles above my head near another stand of pines before she disappeared. I was able to get a pretty decent audio recording of her, but analysis of that will have to wait until the evening. I'm guessing Type 2.

In between the crossbill sightings I had a frustrating encounter with a HUMMINGBIRD SP. I honestly have no clue what species I saw. I was standing amongst the pines when I saw something small flying quickly through the fog. It zipped past me close enough to hear the humming wings, and when I turned around to watch it continue on it looked to have a golden hue. However, so did all of the trees, as I was now looking toward the sun through the fog. I followed its general path and looked for about 10 minutes, but I never saw another sign of it.

Good birding,

Ryan Douglas
Postdoctoral Fellow
310 Tucker Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

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