It's been a good week to bird here in my yard. Couldn't get off our property due to the shooting all around. Found a Winter Wren in the weedy edge of our dried up pond. My husband killed his deer so I had him put the remains in a far corner of our property and by nightfall there were two Bald Eagles feeding on it. 
White Throated Sparrows, 
White Crowned, Fox, Song, Swamp and Field sparrows. 
Red Headed, Red Bellied, Pileated, Downy Woodpeckers
Flickers, and Sapsuckers
Cedar Waxwings and Ruby Crowned Kinglets
Myrtle Warblers
Purple Finch 
Brown Creepers
Red Shouldered, Cooper's and Red Tailed Hawk
Great Blue Heron and Kingfisher
And all the usual Cardinals etc. 

Cindy Bridges
Couch Mo
Oregon County
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