A little over a week ago, I asked for help in finding the EUTS on our visit to St. Louis and was delighted with the number of responses I got.  We had many suggestions and when we arrived here about 2:30 in the afternoon, we were able to start our search right away.  Coming from the east, we started at Horseshoe Lake.  While we didn't find the sparrow there, we did get several birds, including Snow Geese which was a year bird for us.  Then we started driving the rural roads east of the lake and BINGO!; found the birds on Bruns Rd in a single bush on the east side of the road.  They are delightful....love the white cheek with the cute little black spot. 
Now we have the whole day tomorrow to visit some of the best areas around (Riverlands is 1st on our list), "just for fun".  Hopefully, we will also be able to find some Red Crossbills and check off another life bird.
Thanks for your help, MO Birders!
Laura Dornan
Louisville, OH 

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