I was at Eagle Bluffs Tuesday afternoon;Eagle Bluffs is only open from 1-3 PM 
and then, only a small portion is open to the public;
there are lots of Mallards, Gadwells and Coots visible; I think there may have 
been a few Ruddy's but saw them as I went in and only going on outline 
against the sun.
 During my shortened visit, I did see 4 Red-tailed Hawks and a couple Hawks in 
a distance that I could not identify.  There are still Killdeer and Snipe in one of 
the flooded fields between #13 and #5 pools...I have seen these species here 
for 3 weeks.  With a scope and/or Binocs you can probably get a good view, 
not such good views with my  camera lens.

Lots of sparrows at the #8 turnaround and near the well housing unit:  
American Tree, Fox, Song, White-Throated, White-Crowned, Savannah, 

Eastern Meadowlarks and Horned Larks in the fields as you enter EBCA and a 
couple Kestrels.  There were other species present but these were the ones I 

Carol Weston
Columbia, MO
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