A recent MOBIRDS posting ("Maryville area on Sunday" 11/12) which I
forwarded to my brother in New York City raised an interesting question.

>Who's the "Buroughs" of Buroughs  Audubon Society in KC?

My reply was: "That was a GOOD QUESTION!!!  Even when I was growing up  in
Missouri and had heard of KC's "Burroughs Audubon", I never had any idea or
had ever even thought about it.  So, this morning, inspired by your
question, and this is right down your alley, I tried to find out.   Turns out the
spelling was wrong in the MOBIRDS posting made by the person who  posted it;
it should be Burroughs (two r's), and the  mystery "Burroughs" is John
Burroughs.  Turns out he has a mostly New York  connection than Missouri, if any
at all, which leaves me now to wonder WHY  Kansas City adopted him for the
name of the city's Audubon chapter.  Perhaps it has something to do with the
fact that he wrote a book long long  ago about John James Audubon.  I guess
I will have to pose that  question to MOBIRDS.  I'll bet there's more than
just a few Missouri  Birders who probably have no idea either.
Here's a couple links:
(1) _John Burroughs -  Wikipedia_
(2) _John James Audubon by  John Burroughs - Full Text Free Book_
(  "

I'm sure there must be some KC folks who can answer this in a heartbeat,
right?  Thanks.

Richard Rowlett
Seattle (Bellevue), WA

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