Thanks Dick, great detail, and here per your request forwarding your  reply

See also: _Burroughs Audubon  Society of Greater Kansas City Records
(0551kc)_ (
Thanks to [log in to unmask] (mailto:[log in to unmask])  (name?) for

Finally, my red-faced apologies to Mike Stoakes, the original 11/02
'Maryville birding' poster which started the Burroughs query in which I implied
that 'he' had mispelled it (one "r" instead of two) ... turns out it  was my
brother who omitted the second "r" when he asked me who  and what the
"Buroughs" connection was.

I knew there would likely be a quick and adequate response from  you
MO-birders.  Carry on.  Thanks!

Richard Rowlett
Seattle (Bellevue), WA

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Subj: RE: KC's  Burroughs Audubon...why Burroughs?

The way I have always (60 yrs) heard it, is that early in the  last century
somebody went around the country getting nature-oriented people  together
to start clubs named in honor of John Burroughs,  naturalist and  author of
over a dozen nature about the outdoors and its critters.    One of those
which survived was here in Kansas City ,  named the  Burroughs Nature Club.  At
the time I joined in 1948 in 8th grade,   we were associated with the
National Audubon Society and sponsored a series of  5 (?) "Audubon Screen Tours"
which were silent color movies by outstanding  wildlife photographers such as
Peterson, Pettingill, etc, who narrated the  films in person to the
audience.   These were held at the Edison  Hall of the KC Power and Light building
downtown.    These  brought us lots of attention from the public and were
always announced in the  KC STAR, which is where I found out about them when
Alan Cruickshank  presented.  Some decades later,  National Audubon embarked
on  developing a membership that would include the local clubs and a
national  membershipwith Audubon Magazine, adopted the Audubon name into their club
 name, and for awhile shared the money paid by people for the joint
membership,  and the local also got new members for their contacts about meetings
and field  trips when non-Burroughs members paid for national  membership.
Somehow our St. Louis counterpart, the Webster  Groves Nature Study
Society, was not brought into the "Burroughs"  fold.   John Burroughs was a
nationally-noted naturalist and author,  and our Burroughs Audubon Library at Lake
Jacomo has a set of the black  leather-bound books he wrote.    I have seen
a photo of Burroughs ,  John Muir, and Teddy Roosevelt camping in the Sierra
Dick  Dawson
Kansas  City
--Former president of Burroughs (I  don't recall if it was after we became
an official chapter of the National  Audubon Society.
Incidentally,  the Buroughs Nature Club was the  founding presence for most
nature study groups in the KC area, nature centers,  school outdoor
laboratories, and nature programs in various city and county  parks in our area,
often because of the infliuence of John W. Banghart who was  assistant
director of recreation for the city,  and he and I worked  together until his
retirement and move to southern Texas, from when I was a  junior in high school
and through our founding of Environmental Science  resident camps in Swope
Park (which closed after 20 years due to lack of tax  money to subsidize
them), and Lakeside Nature Center (which 30+ years later  moved in to a beautiful
new facility also in Swope Park and whose members do a  great deal of
wildlife rehab work for the Missouri side of the metro  area).

Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 10:05:06 -0500
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Subject:  KC's Burroughs Audubon...why Burroughs?
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A recent MOBIRDS posting ("Maryville area on Sunday" 11/12) which I
forwarded to my brother in New York City raised an interesting question.

>Who's the "Buroughs" of Buroughs  Audubon Society in KC?

My reply was: "That was a GOOD QUESTION!!!  Even when I was growing  up in
Missouri and had heard of KC's "Burroughs Audubon", I never had any idea  or
had ever even thought about it.  So, this morning, inspired by your
question, and this is right down your alley, I tried to find out.   Turns out the
spelling was wrong in the MOBIRDS posting made by the person who  posted it;
it should be Burroughs (two r's), and the  mystery "Burroughs" is John
Burroughs.  Turns out he has a mostly New  York connection than Missouri, if any
at all, which leaves me now to wonder  WHY Kansas City adopted him for the
name of the city's Audubon chapter.  Perhaps it has something to do with the
fact that he wrote a book long  long ago about John James Audubon.  I guess
I will have to pose that  question to MOBIRDS.  I'll bet there's more than
just a few Missouri  Birders who probably have no idea either.
Here's a couple links:
(1) _John  Burroughs - Wikipedia_
(2) _John  James Audubon by John Burroughs - Full Text Free Book_
(  "

I'm sure there must be some KC folks who can answer this in a heartbeat,
right?  Thanks.

Richard Rowlett
Seattle (Bellevue),  WA

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