For those who might enjoy them, I wanted to share some video clips and a 
few photos of the Mountain Bluebird I took on 11/17/12.  I'd sure like 
to be more educated by those who might know how it is being determined 
that this is a male.  (I heard from Kurt Dean's wife, Robin, that Kurt - 
an ornithologist from UCMO - says it is a first year male.)  My first 
impression was a rufous adult female Mountain Bluebird (going according 
to Sibley), but I do see a lot of blue on this bird (and I've only seen 
one other in my life.)  Please share any answers on the listserv.  I 
think others are interested and might learn from whoever might like to 
share their thoughts.  Here are my videos and photos:



Andy Reago
St. Louis MO
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