Could they have been American White Pelicans?

Christine Kline

Pleasant Hill / Cass County

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Subject: Wood Storks?

I just wanted to post on here that I think I saw 3 wood storks soaring on
thermals while out at Four Rivers yesterday. I have seen storks in Florida
and have looked at every guide I have and this is the conclusion that I came
to. They were bright white on top side and hade black primaries from wing
tip to body. They were high up, but the shape of the wings and the
coloration looked like wood storks to me. Very little flapping, just soaring
like a turkey vulture would. As they flew over my buddy and I both saw a
long bill. I saw that one was seen there a few years back, and that it was
way earlier in the year, but I really think that is what I saw. They were
heading south from the northern edge of the area.
Josh Murray
Kansas City
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