I checked out the location of the mostly white Owl reported in Livingston County. I didn't see any Owls, but did find a large old Barn with big open windows at that intersection. Made me think even more it could have been a Barn Owl? There was no house there, and the nearest one didn't appear to have anyone home. I will try and find out who the owner is and check it out again. Of course it could have been a Snowy that moved on or was just not in sight this morning?? I drove all around that area, and other more open places on the way back home, but did not see any large white birds.

Larry Lade and I saw a dozen Red Crossbills at Jamesport Lake CA, Daviess Co. later this morning. I heard more a couple other times, that we didn't see, so not sure how many are there. We also had several Red-breasted Nuthatches, some Purple Finch, Yellow-rumped Warblers, and other common Winter birds.
There were 30 - 40 House Finch lining the wires along the road to out Amish friends place when we stopped to visit this afternoon. I had at least 9 Pine Siskens visiting the feeders and the bird bath the last two days.

Steve Kinder
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