It was a great day for birding!
We saw a Horned Lark in a pasture near Neosho. We also saw a Loggerhead Shrike and a covey of 15-20 Bobwhite in pastures near Neosho.
We went to the lagoon at Carl Jct MO in Jasper county. There were Ring-necked Ducks by the hundreds, lots of Northern Shovelers, several Ruddy Ducks, some Lesser Scaups, Northern Pintails, Gadwalls, Blue Winged Teals, Green Winged Teals, Common Goldeneye, Redhead and Mallards, of course. I wished Larry Herbert was there to tell me what else was there that I didn't recognize.
Then we drove to Wah-Sha-She Prairie. We saw lots of Northern Harriers and near the prairie we found an American Bittern. It was eating crayfish in a small pond. We watched it from our truck for close to 2 hours. It came as close as 30 feet to our truck. We left for about 30 minutes and when we drove back by, it was still hunting crayfish. We stopped to watch it again and it still never reacted to our presence.
We also saw a Short-eared Owl fly over near the bittern.
What a great day!
Becky Wylie
Newton County.

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