I checked Little Dixie Lake CA (Callaway Co.) for Cave Swallows just after sunrise, but had no luck. The only waterfowl I spied in a quick scan were CANADA GEESE and GADWALL.

Next, I went to Bradford Farm (Boone Co.) to look for sparrows. The wind made things difficult at first, but once I figured out where the sparrows at the north brush pile were hunkered down, it was pretty enjoyable. HARRIS'S SPARROWS continue to invade the area. I counted up to 6 at one time in and around the brush pile this morning.

And, after many years of searching, I finally found some GAMBEL'S WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS at the brush pile. Previously, I'd only been able to find the dark-lored (Eastern) subspecies, but today the pale-lored Gambel's subspecies dominated the brush pile and Ben Williams Rd., with only a single dark-lored individual present.

Here's my eBird checklist with a couple photos of today's White-crowned (and Harris's) Sparrows:

If you're interested in comparing to a dark-lored White-crowned Sparrow, here's a link to a photo I took of one last year at Bradford:

The other highlight at Bradford, in an otherwise quiet morning, was watching an adult male NORTHERN HARRIER give a pretty good chase after a lone NORTHERN BOBWHITE. They crossed through a treeline on the north edge of the property, so I'm not sure who won. The harrier was gaining ground before they went through the trees.


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