I am not sure I follow your point.  The 50 mile circle around a metropolitan area is a long birding tradition that is formally recognized by the ABA for all metropolitan areas.  The circle goes back to the early days of organized birding and is frankly in some ways more traditional than carefully measured on a map.  If you want to keep a Missouri list and bird only in Missouri, that is your decision.  The Saint Louis birding community has a long tradition of doing it this way.  The southern part of Carlyle Lake is clearly within the circle.  When I write the area report, I generally do not include sightings from Carlyle that do not have a location that is clearly within the circle.  Many of our birders live closer to places on the east side of the river than they do to locations on the western side of the Saint Louis area. 
As for you comment about fake lakes, I am not aware of any "natural lakes" in this area.  They are all, including Creve Coeur Lake, dammed, impounded, diked, dredged or otherwise modified to the point that they do not in anyway resemble what here in colonial times.  For that matter much the same could be said of 98% of the other habitat around here.  That is just a fact of life.
I did see a note some time ago about the whole of Carlyle Lake being included in the Saint Louis area list.  I am not sure who made this decision, which I suspect was driven by the difficulty or knowing where at Carlyle some species were reported.  The Saint Louis circle includes the southern part of Carlyle Lake including the Parking Lot 3 area on the west side and Coles Creek on the east.  Anything north of that is not in the circle.
David Becher
WGNSS Ornithology Chair
Saint Louis

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> Subject: No sighting- Carlyle Lake is not in Mo.
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> I don't know the history of the accepted '50' mile circle for St. Louis, but the latest inclusion of Carlyle Lake, which is in Illinois, doesn't make sense to me. Why would I, as an eastern Mo. resident, ever need to bird in Mo. if IL. is included, too. I could hang out at another fake lake(which is out of state)and score 300 sp. a year.
> Bryan Prather
> St. Louis Co., Mo.
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