CC Lake 11am-5pm

Bonaparte's Gull-20. The majority left around 4:50pm riding thermals and heading southward.
Ring-billed Gulls-12 in the beginning with more coming from the Mo. River late afternoon.  2nd Winter birds arriving.
Horned Grebe-1
Pied-billed Grebe-3
Buffleheads-2 M,F
Northern Shoveler-22
Ruddy Duck-46
Lesser Scaup-3
Ring-necked Duck-16 a later arrival
Gadwall-6 also a later arrival
American Coot- 36
Mallard-4 probably residents
Bald Eagle-Adult flyover.  Ducks were not concerned.
Kingfisher- heard only
Great Blue Heron-2

All viewed from the west side of the lake.  As usual, activity was concentrated at the Northern part.

Bryan Prather
St. Louis Co. Mo.

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