Sunday morning myself and two other Kansas City area birders took a tour of 
Hazel Hill lake near Warrensburg.  It was very birdy in the grassy areas with 
just about every Winter sparrow species except Swamp and our target 
LeConte's.  Could get closer to the lake area, because of 2 sets of duck 
hunters.  Best bird was a Cooper's Hawk that we were able to roust out of a 
brushy area in the grassland.

We then went to Rocky Forks CA, but dipped on the Crossbills.  We did 
however get a few good birds.  The best birds being a couple of Red-breasted 
Nuthatches and a beautiful Sharp-shinned Hawk that flushed all the robins and 
Cedar Waxwings we were trying to photograph in the Juniper.  They beat feet 
out of there and we just looked at each other with smiles of anticipation for 
the show to begin.  It didn't dissapoint.  Came flying right by the Juniper and 
landed in a tree right in front of us, wondering where lunch went.  Then after 
a few seconds it took off into the fields looking for it's take out order.

Took a drive to Binder Lake near Jefferson City so Nick could get a lifer Brown 
Pelican.  We stopped at the dock near the middle of the lake and scoped for 
awhile with no luck.  As I was following a Bonaparte's Gull around near the 
dam, I saw something on the Dock.  So scanning back to it, I found the 
Pelican sitting on the fishing dock on the North side of the lake.  So we 
scooted over for a closer look and Nick was able to get a closer look, 40 feet, 
and got some great photos.

Then Knob Knoster called, but not much there being about 4:30 in the 
afternoon with the sun going down.

all-in-all a nice day,

Good Birding,
Keith Brink
Liberty, MO

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