Today is the 11th day of the 11th Month, which is Remembrance Day in
Britain, for all those who died for their country in military conflicts.

So, it's a sad and solemn day already, made even sadder to hear so
unexpectedly of Mrs. Eliot's death (my own mother is luckily forus all
three years older than she, and stillliving independently).

It's good that Mrs. Eliot had made arrangements already to allow the Eliot
Project to act as custodians of all his *oevre; *it will be interesting to
learn of how she has ordered her final bequests, especially the Eliot
Estate's copyrights.

Mrs. Eliot's own nephew, Graham Fletcher, wrote recently (for the UK TS
Eliot Society's Newsletter):-

*Even if Eliot had been a homosexually - inclined misogynist with closet
fascist leanings, a wide streak of anti-Semitism, and contempt for others
grounded in some elitist sense of intellectual and religious superiority,
his work, when an unbiased attempt is made to read and understand it, would
remain equally valid. If a sinner successfully constructs a saint upon the
page, the saint will be equally inspiring as if another saint had been the
author. The author of Murder*

* in the Cathedral was an exemplary human being, in my opinion, but he wouldn’t
have considered himself worthy to have been canonised as a saint.*
In further remembrance and tribute, attached is a snap of Mrs Eliot and
Prof. Nancy Hargrove, taken I think by Dr Sarah Kennedy in 2010 at London
Uni Senate House, at the second annual TS Eliot International Summer
School, an event which Mrs Eliot very generously supported.

On 11 November 2012 00:40, P <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I shall reflect on how happy the Eliots were together. The little boy in
> Tom finally found safe company, and Valerie found fulfillment in his legacy
> and in Faber. It was a union fruitful for us all. I am sure their spiritual
> destiny will be very happy for them.
> Requiescant in pace.
> P.M.
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>  *Subject: **Valerie Eliot*
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>   Dear Colleagues,
>                  I have just received the sad news that the BBC has
> announced the passing of Valerie Eliot. I do not have any further
> information but will share it as received. In her memory, and in
> appreciation for her life, and for all her husband’s work that she has
> placed in our care, Ron