No, but plenty humans who behave as such......
(Longleat Safari Park, near Bath, is probably the closest it gets to the real thing - this is home to rampaging packs of monkeys who like nothing better than to swarm over visitors' automobiles, tearing off radio aerials; spoilers and anything else that it's possible for them to damage as they go.)

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Are there wild monkeys in England?

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>>Is it certain that it's a bird - foxes for example and even domestic cats
>>can make some bloodcurdling noises.
>Definitely off topic here and I'm dating myself but in the 60s in the U.S.
>there was a syndicated show filmed at the San Diego Zoo called "Zoorama."
>The opening had a section where there was some weird bird call. They did a
>segment on one show where they revealed the culprit. It was about a species
>of monkey who made the calls using their armpits.
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