How profound!

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My point precisely.  And of course it depends on whatever connection can be made between the two. Thanks for the back up.

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At once, on learning that volume 2 was out and now volume 3, I immediately ordered Eliot's letters. I have them here and plan to start on 3 this week. I guess I must have a profound sensibility to language.

   No, not if you follow the logic out. It depends on what you do next, i.e. what you pour out. Of course, profundity need not enter the equation at all.

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Just one instance of the alacrity, the sensitivity and the pace with which Eliot's sensibility responded to Laforgue's influence. Here's Lyndall Gordon's insightful account: 

p. 42  "At once, on discovering Symons, Eliot ordered three volumes of Laforgue from France. The Oeuvres completes must have arrived in the spring of 1909, certainly in time for Eliot to read them over the summer, and late in the autumn he began to pour out new poems..."

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