The relationship with Mary Trevelyan is discussed in detail by Lyndall
Gordon in her biography. Also, Trevelyan kept a memoir of it, though I
have not seen it. But the relationship has been known about at least
since Gordon in 1998. She proposed to him by the way, and was turned
down, I think more than once. But they spent a lot of time together.

>>> David Boyd 11/12/12 11:07 AM >>>
Thank you, CR, an exceedingly well-informed and lucid commentary. Eg Ron
Schuchard recently once mentioned Eliot's correspondence with Mary
Trevelyan on the prospect of marriage, but don't think it was generally
known-about in any detail.

The only inaccuracy I think is that Valerie / the Eliot Estate forbade
Ackroyd from quoting *any* part of Eliot's work or correspondence.

Incidentally YouTube has a 2009 BBC TV 'Arena' Documentary, which
features many of Valerie's lovingly-preserved scrapbooks recording their
life together; her charm bracelets etc etc - it's very touching /

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and a very painstaking, insightful write-up in The Telegraph


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some details in this news


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Dear Colleagues,

I have just received the sad news that the BBC has announced the passing
of Valerie Eliot. I do not have any further information but will share
it as received. In her memory, and in appreciation for her life, and for
all her husbandís work that she has placed in our care, Ron