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Subject: William Shatner launches new app called Shatoetry
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William Shatner launches new app called Shatoetry

Shane McGlaun
Nov 2 2012

Most geeks will know William Shatner as the original Captain Kirk
from Star Trek. Shatner has also acted in other memorable roles
including lawyer Denny Crane and Frank O'Hara on Psych. Shatner has
launched a new application called Shatoetry that plays on Shatner's
known body of spoken word works.

The app is available for the iPhone and comes with a library of
pre-recorded words allowing users to create unique "Shatisms" that
play using Shatner's voice. Shatner says that his life is unlike any
other celebrity allowing users to make him say whatever they want him
to say. The app supports multiple users or Shatoetists.