p writes: Yes. One has to be dead a long time before one's politicking is
acceptable on this list, otherwise wild, uncontrolled anger is evoked. ;->
P. M.

Let's test p's thesis.


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The election is over, and any day now, Obama will begin his assault on
Social Security/Medicare under the cover of the "Fiscal Cliff". Meanwhile
all the spying, torture and assassination-by-drone campaigns will continue.
Business as usual.

But meanwhile, there is much schadenfreude to be had.

 - Workers of Koch Industries and other loathsome billionaire types gave a
collective middle finger to their bosses who ordered them to vote for their
guy or else.

 - Karl Rove and Donald Trump have epic and comic meltdowns. I hope this
destroys Rove's undeserved reputation as some kind of a genius.

 - Mr. 47% does not get to be President and goes instead straight into the
trash can of history.

 - Wall St Ayn Rand devotees bet on the wrong guy and lost big time. It
won't affect their bottom-lines, but it sure as hell has got to affect their
tender egos.

 - Angry old white Tea Party guys from the Deep South lost big and
demographic trends say they will never again be a big factor in national
politics. Good riddance.