Some of the high lights of last few days birding - 

10/27 - Smithville Lake with Myrna Carlton -

Common Loon - 3 - 4
Horned Grebe - 7
Osprey - catching fish out in front of us
Huge raft of Ducks in the middle of the lake - didn't find anything rare, but 
could have been
American Pipit - small flock on the rocks down from shelter 9, Crows Creek 
picnic area

10/28 Across from Green Hills Golf course, Chillicothe -
LeConte's Sparrow - 4

Pershing SP. Linn Co.
Pine Siskin - 6

Locust Creek bottoms, Chariton Co.
Prarie Falcon

Swan Lake NWR - 
Lots more waterfowl coming in, no Egrets, Cormorants, or Bitterns seen
Bald Eagle - 12
Greater Yellowlegs - 3
Pectoral Sandpipers -12
Long-billed Dowitcher - 12
Brewer's Blackbird - nice flock of 50

Dunn Ranch , Harrison Co.
Smith's Longspur - 4
Am. Tree Sparrow
Sedge Wren 

Pawnee Praire -
Smith's Longspur - flocks of 12, 15, and 5, plus couple of singles, nice 
pre-Halloween Treat!  

Thought I might have heard a Sprague's Pipit once, but couldn't find it, so 
can't count it.

Many more Redtails in last week or so. Getting to another Fun time of year!

Steve Kinder
Livingston Co.
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