Good morning MOBirders,


It looks like we're not out of the woods yet with the mail blockages that have been affecting so many of you on and off over the past month and change. The MU IT department is warning us that the cause of the problem - spam being sent from hacked MU email accounts - has proven more difficult to stop than they expected, and that they expect our servers will be blacklisted again. This means that it's likely some of you will once again stop receiving list mail.


So before we lose you, I want to send out this reminder about the list archives, which make for a great Plan B when email isn't getting through. It may prove to be a more dependable option than the mirror sites, since these blacklists can prevent them from receiving our mail too.


The URL for the archives is:


Messages are grouped into folders by week, most recent first. The messages within each folder are sorted by subject, but if you'd prefer to read them most recent first (as I do), click on "Preferences" at the top right of the page, then click the "Archive Preferences" tab, and set "Primary Sorting" to "By Date" and "Secondary Sorting" to "Most Recent First." Click "Submit" and then hit the Back button twice to return to the archive page.


Thanks for your patience, and let's hope this gets cleared up soon.


Dave Scheu

MOBirds-L list co-owner

St. Louis, MO





Email status updates

[log in to unmask]" alt="Informational"> Email Service Change

10/12/12 2:26pm - The UM email system has been under international phishing and spam attacks since the beginning of October.  Spammers are using phished credentials to send large volumes of unwanted email to external recipients.  This spam from our system to others has resulted in the blacklisting of the UM email system and caused our message traffic to be considered a threat.  When blacklisted, our email becomes undeliverable to external recipients such as Hotmail. The security measures imposed after the initial attacks have slowed but not stopped spam activity. Without additional changes, it is likely we will be blacklisted again. The next change will happen at 3 p.m. today, restricting customers using POP and IMAP protocols from sending mail. Department IT Professionals and Help Desk teams are available to answer customer questions regarding this change. While these changes may result in an inconvenience for a small portion of our customers they are the only option for ensuring uninterrupted message delivery. Please know that we are researching a long-term solution to address the needs of all email customers and ensure the security of the email system. 


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