I went to Shawnee Trail C. A. this morning.  Barton County.
It was a bit windy when I left at 9:30. am. 
However it was dangerously windy when I arrived.
Probably 50 mph OR MORE.  A little boy with two
hunters got BLOWN over.  They decided to chuck it.
Several rafts of Cowbirds on the wires.  I wrote down
900, but there were much more than that.  Just 400
RWBL.  I called it a day, like the hunters, after an hour.
I kept scopeing (sic)? the cowbirds.  That was all that I could
find on those wires.  Only a couple of times in my life have I
seen so many at one time.  Once in Kansas and once in
Oklahoma.  Oh well.  Ebirds flag will blow away.....
The only sparrows that I got a look at were Savannah's.
Many more dived in the brush.  Maybe next time....
Larry Herbert,  Joplin, MO.  Certhia AT att dot net  10-18-12.

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