The ST. LOUIS AUDUBON SOCIETY is sponsoring a field trip this Saturday 
to Two Rivers NWR, Illinois, and Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary, 
St. Charles County, Missouri.  Please note the start time.

DATE:  Saturday, October 20, 2012


MEETING PLACE:  Gilbert Lake parking lot at the downriver end of the 
Gilbert Lake Division of the refuge, just past the Brussels Ferry, on 
the left.

CARPOOLING:  Carpooling is encouraged; however, there is no official 
plan.  For those interested, Teal Pond parking lot at Riverlands is a 
great place to meet, but please time it so you arrive at Gilbert Lake by 
7:30.  I will be driving from home directly to the Gilbert Lake parking lot.

DIRECTIONS TO TEAL POND:  Take MO hwy 367 north from I-270, continuing 
north on U.S. hwy 67.  Just before the Clark Bridge, turn right at the 
Fisca gas station.  Go past the gas station and take the next right onto 
Wise Rd.  Teal Pond parking lot is immediately on the right.

DIRECTIONS TO GILBERT LAKE:  From Alton, Illinois, go north on IL hwy 
100, the Great River Rd.  Continue all the way through Grafton then 
watch for the Brussels Ferry.  Go only a couple hundred yards past the 
ferry and the parking lot is on the left.  The entrance is just a gravel 
drive, surrounded by vegetation and easily missed, but well marked with 
a big sign.

PLAN:  This is planned to be an all-day field trip; however, as usual, 
it will be informal and casual.  Everyone should feel free to come and 
go as they please.  We'll bird Gilbert Lake first then, as in past 
years, take a break up at Pere Marquette SP and bird some in that area.  
We'll then backtrack to the Brussels ferry and head over to Calhoun 
County to bird other areas of the refuge.  I talked to the Ranger today 
and she reported 40,000 ducks on the refuge this past week and good 
movements of migrant passerines.  After lunch we'll exploit additional 
opportunities on the refuge, then head back down the Great River road 
toward Riverlands MBS.  Unlike last year, Two Rivers NWR is holding an 
open house this weekend and the staff has interesting plans, including 
an auto tour along Swan Lake, a photography exhibit and live bird 
displays at HQ.  We will go rain or shine, although Saturday's forecast 
is superb.

PARTICIPATION:  Everyone is welcome, SLAS members and non-members.

LUNCH:  Bring your own food and drink for a picnic lunch and snacks as 
you like.  As in past years, we'll try to time it so we can take lunch 
on the deck of the HQ building and have the opportunity to use the 
facilities and enjoy the Open House exhibits.

LEADER:  Mike Thelen

COST:  Free

MORE INFO:  Contact me, or visit

Mike Thelen
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University City,
St. Louis County,

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