I enjoyed a nice walk about around west part of Pershing SP., Linn Co., the middle part of this beautiful Fall day. The high lite was finding a flock of about 100 Finches, of which I estimated 60 -70 of them were Pine Siskins! I counted 30 PISI at one time as they were feeding on wild Sunflowers. Fun to hear them when they were flying around. There was a nice variety of Sparrows around also, as I found -

Field - 2
Vesper - a few
Savannah - lots
LeConte's -2
Fox - 1
Song - many
Lincoln's - several
Swamp - fewer than expected - too dry?
White-throated - many
Harris's - 12
White-crowned - many
Dark-eyed Junco - many - nice to have a couple in the yard last few days too.
There were lots of Red-headed Woodpeckers in the woods, a Pileated that flew over my head, and several Flickers around. Raptors included Merlin, Northern Harrier, Red-shouldered and Red-tailed Hawks, and Bald Eagle. I only saw a couple of Barn Swallows today. Yellow-rumps and an Orange-crowned Warbler. Good number of Eastern Bluebirds on the area.

Horned Grebes were reported by staff members at both Swan Lake NWR and Fountain Grove CA recently. I drove through FGCA on the way home - BDR - to look for them. I did not see any HOGR there, but there were a few Ruddy Ducks diving in pool south of the Hdqtrs. I also found flock of 30 Golden Plovers on west side of Bittern Marsh - not really a marsh but a reservoir pool they use to put water in moist soil units. The only other shorebird besides a similar number of Killdeer, was one Long-billed Dowitcher. Great day to be out in the field!

Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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