How about those Cardinals.....  !!!  Sorry, had to sneak that in.

Only ten other brave birders joined me this morning at B.K. Leach CA (Lincoln 
County) for the 6th Annual Yellow Rail Walk.  No, a Yellow Rail was not found.  
But, we had fun, and I had a great time leading them throughout the marshes.  

Starting at B.K. Leach CA - King's Lake Unit, the first few birders to arrive 
got to witness a MERLIN zipping past the headquarters building.  We saw, what I 
presume to be the same bird, at least two more times by 10AM.  We only managed a 
single SORA here, other highlights included:
 ~8 NORTHERN HARRIERS, 2-3 adult males
- 1 Lesser Yellowlegs, 2 Least Sandpipers, ~3 Wilson's Snipes
- multiple Tree and Barn Swallows
- Sparrows included; Savannah, (8+) LE CONTE'S, Fox, Song, (1) LINCOLN'S, Swamp, 
and White-crowned

From there we headed to B.K. Leach CA - Bittern Basin Unit which included many 
of the same birds, but we added:
- ~8 more Wilson's Snipe
- 1 VIRGINIA RAIL, possibly 2
- 5-7 SORA
- 1 SEDGE WREN and more Marsh Wrens
- And wrapping up the trip, Matt Malin found us all a PINE SISKIN, which later 
turned out to be at least 3 siskins.

Fun morning, thanks to all who came.


 Joshua Uffman
St. Louis County, MO
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