I can't find the Thompson River WRP (Wetlands Reserve Program) anywhere 
on google maps.  Where exactly is this?

Thanks for your help,

Andy Reago
St. Louis MO
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On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 1:41 PM, Dianne & Steve Kinder wrote:

  I took the dog out to the Thompson River WRP are this morning. I found 
good variety of Sparrows at the corner where you pull in from blacktop 
Y. Had my FOS Fox and Harris's Sparrows, plus White-throated, 
White-crowned, Song, Field, and Lincoln's in that little brushy area. It 
sure seems like an above average number of LISP this Fall. 
Yellow-rumped, Orange-crowned, and Nashville Warblers there too. Farther 
out in the weedy field were Swamp, more Lincoln's, Savannah, and one 
LeConte's Sparrow. Marsh and Sedge Wrens also. I just need to find a 
Nelson's sparrow now.

Steve Kinder
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