This morning I was thrilled to find a pair of PINE SISKINS at a feeder in the backyard, and a RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH was in a tree off the deck for the second day in a row. Yesterday brought both KINGLETS, several PHILADELPHIA VIREOS and a few CHESTNUT-SIDED/NASHVILLE WARBLERS to the yard.

Friday night I had my cheapo nocturnal flight call microphone set up and only recorded two calls: SAVANNAH SPARROW and (presumably) an INDIGO BUNTING. Last night my microphone appears to have only picked up a single SAVANNAH SPARROW between 11pm and 5am.

I visited Bradford Farm (Boone Co.) hoping for some early sparrows from about 9am-10:30am. The sparrows were a bit spread out, but many of the species have returned. I encountered mostly SAVANNAH and SONG SPARROWS, but I also ran into a few LE CONTE'S, NELSON'S, WHITE-CROWNED, FIELD, LINCOLN'S, WHITE-THROATED and SWAMP SPARROWS.

Full eBird checklist from the farm:

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