Dear all,

I know this is near impossible, but my wife, Chrissy McClarren, saw what 
she thinks is a Prairie Falcon fly over Tower Grove Park at around 
11:30AM yesterday.  eBird reviewers have encouraged her to post this 
sighting in case others might see it.  It's a day later, but someone 
might see it. This is how she initially described it.

"Flyover. Low. Too big to be a Merlin or Kestrel. Had the moustache. 
Long slender wings, dark armpits very visible, brown and white bird"

The lighting was good, but she has never seen a Prairie Falcon before. 
She is ruling out juvenile Peregrine Falcon since the axillaries 
(armpits) were definitely dark and on each wing the dark part made a 
long rather uneven (blotchy) but triangular shape tapering as it came 
from the armpit toward almost the the tip of the wings on both sides. On 
a juvenile Peregrine, this dark area is not pronounced or as large as 
this.  She studied them in case the event occurred, of course not 
expecting it to occur alone.  But she is open to any suggestions or 
advice on this or if it might have been another bird.

The only birders in the park at the time of her sighting were few at 
11:30AM...Larry and Linda Beeson and Steve Sylvester (Steve was in 
Gaddy) and she couldn't get Larry on it soon enough before it flew 
behind trees and out of sight.

Andy Reago
St. Louis MO
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