Thanks Rad for the tip on the Nelson's Sparrows.  Chrissy and I were 
going to search for them some time this week, but your post inspired us 
to go today. What luck we had! Along the eastern side of Heron Pond, we 
found three of them, along with many Swamp, Song, Savannah and a few 
Lincoln's.  We found lots of Marsh Wrens, but only a few Sedge.  We went 
to the back of Heron Pond along Orton Road and found a Vesper Sparrow on 
the way in the farm fields to the South (or the right side of the road). 
Looking for more sparrows behind Heron Pond, we walked along the levee 
and were lured into the woods with the Willow trees on the south side of 
the levee due to a flock of warblers - Bay-breasted, Black-throated 
Green, Magnolia, Wilson's, Palm and more.  A male Black-throated Blue 
Warbler appeared in the mix!  What a surprise! I was not able to get my 
camera up in time to get a photo.  We tried for the next hour to refind 
him to get a photo, but we found him late in the day, around 5:30PM or 
so.  Here's our full check list for the day and some photos of the 
Nelson's Sparrows: 

Nelson's Sparrow 

We also found a mystery sparrow, if anyone could help us with the ID 
(Swamp or Lincoln's?): 
<> /

Andy Reago
St. Louis MO
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On Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 12:02 PM, Rad Widmer wrote:

  Nelsons just seen on east side of heron pond. Half way between blind 
and road. Also lots of sedge and marsh wrens.
Rad Widmer


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