I did not find any Crossbills today at Pershing, though I was only in the area where the Pines are for a short time midday. I did have a fairly good Sparrow day, and a really good Lincoln's Sparrow day. The highlite was 6 LISP in one large Multiflora Rose bush, and total of 18 for the day! The best area for Savannah and LeConte's Sparrows last couple of years has been plowed up as part of the wetland restoration work going on in the new western addition to the park. This will be for the best in the long run. I didn't find any LESP today but had total of 75 SASP in other places. It was nice to see a FOS White-crowned Sparrow, and 6 White-throated Sparrows.Also saw fair number of Swamp, Song, and Chipping Sparrows, and couple of Clay-colored. Wrens were scarce, but managed to coax up 1 Marsh and 5 House Wrens out of the weeds. Had several Common Yellowthroats and 4 Orange-crowned Warblers, plus a Nashville and a Tennessee. I pished out single Red-breasted Nuthatches a couple of times, but they were being very quiet. There were 8-10 Red-headed Woodpeckers in one place, and couple of Pileated. Red-shouldered Hawks pretty vocal with at least 4 around. One Northern Harrier up high over the open fields. Nice variety of other usual birds, plus lots of Insects and Wildflowers on a very nice Fall day!

Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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