Thanks to you Mr. Bauer, for all your time and work on Heron Pond.You sir are "near Perfect", an exemplary birder and naturalist.  
Respectfully,Bill RuddenSt. Louis, [log in to unmask]

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Subject: HERON POND at Riverlands is NOW near  Perfect for Shorebirds
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Date: Saturday, September 15, 2012, 11:22 PM

The peak of Fall Shorebird Migration for the St. Louis area is here.  A total of
29 species have been recorded in the fall for this area.  From late July through 
mid-Oct.  over 20 species are possible,  depending on daily migration / weather 
waves.  After mid-Oct access to Heron Pond may become restricted to provide 
a safe area for waterfowl roosting and feeding.

During the first use of Heron Pond as "Managed Shorebird Habitat" in Sept.and 
Oct. 2009,  a total of 21 species were observed.   This year may have already beat 
that record, since habitat management and viewing conditions continue to improve. 

Heron Pond at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary (RMBS) has had a near 
perfect water level for several weeks,
 and hundreds of shorebirds are using it

The blind on the west side of the 18 acre pond has been moved much closer 
to the road and now overlooks the exit channel flowing east.  Also this blind is
now located very close to the mudflats.  A new path has been recently mowed  
to both blinds located on the east and west sides of Heron Pond.   Also the 
grass near the mowed trails now is tall enough to totally hide your approach.

Our sincere thanks are extended to Charles Deutsch and his dedicated  ACOE Riverlands staff for all that they do: For the Birds and For the Birders !

[This afternoon I was able to photo-bird a Marbled Godwit, Baird's Sandpipers, and other shorebirds at very close range !    WOW; most of my dreams have come true.]

Always Have Fun; Go Birding:    Paul Bauer  (Florissant, MO _St. Louis Co.)
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