Yes, I have seen Osprey here at Cedar Lake outside Desloge nearly every 
migration time in the three years I have lived here. 

I've also been seeing decent numbers of warblers, although nothing like what 
Chrissie reported at Tower Grove Park.  

I've seen these nearly every day:

American Redstart  (one day saw 4)
N. Parula
C. Yellowthroats (had at least 4 at the spillway today)
Black-throated Green

Have also seen the past week:
Golden-winged Warbler - only 1
Black and White - 3
Yellow Warbler
Hooded Warbler

Much better than spring migration!!!

There is very little food around here such as berries, acorns, seeds, and nuts, 
so winter birding will be interesting as far as hermit thrushes, yellow-rumped 
warblers, etc.  I am seeing little but insect eaters here.  Have seen two gray 
catbirds in other locations in the county.

Judy Bergmann
Rural Bonne Terre
St. Francois Co.

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Is it possible I am seeing Osprey in Bonne Terre?  I have seen what I believe to 
be Osprey over the lake the last two weekends.

Hilda Adams
St. Francois County

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