I checked out the Thompson River WRP site yesterday morning after being gone for several days to see what was around. A Coopers Hawk was scattering the Doves and Pigeons downtown as it flew over on my way out. The highlight at TRW was couple of FOS for me, Swamp Sparrows, and 4-5 Lincoln's Sparrows. Only found 1 Song Sparrow, so they have not moved in yet. I also found House, Sedge, and Marsh Wrens down in the weedy areas around the Willows, as well as Common Yellowthroats. A very bright Nashville Warbler was there too. Probably more stuff but the wind picked up and kept birds down.

This morning, before work, I took the dog out to the area at the edge of town across the lake from the Golf Course. Best bird there was a single FOS LeConte's Sparrow. I also saw Song, Lincoln's, Swamp and flyaway probable Savannah Sparrows. More Yellowthroats, House, Sedge, and Marsh Wrens down in the weeds, and a Carolina heard from the brushy ditch. A lovely Philadelphia Vireo popped up from some small trees. Eastern Meadowlarks were singing all over and dozens of Cedar Waxwings were flying around. Out on the lake were 26 Pied-billed Grebes and 75 Blue-winged Teal. Great time to be out wading around in the wet vegetation!

Steve Kinder
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